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Welcome to the official site of Miss Rodeo South Dakota ran by Miss Rodeo South Dakota, Inc!
Miss Rodeo South Dakota, Inc. is committed to developing leadership and advocacy skills in young women across the great state of South Dakota, partnering with strategic stakeholders, hosting the Miss Rodeo South Dakota pageant, and providing quality representation at Miss Rodeo America. 
Meet the Pageant Directors!
Stacey Schmidt(left) is a previous Miss Rodeo America chaperone and has over 20 years experience of directing rodeo queen pageants.
Nikki Boomsma (right) is a former Top 5 at Miss Rodeo USA with 20 years of experience as a rodeo queen contestant.
This talented team of women know first hand the ins and outs of a successful pageant from multiple perspectives. Very excited for what's in store!
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Meet Our 2019 Miss Rodeo South Dakota, Jordan Tierney!

"I grew up in the rodeo world, but have never been a rodeo queen before. The places, opportunities, and friendships this title has brought me are so humbling. I am so grateful to give back to a sport and lifestyle that has given me everything."

-Jordan Tierney, Miss Rodeo South Dakota '19