Teen Miss Rodeo 
South Dakota 2024
Alison Zacharias
Meet Jordan Tierney! 

Jordan Tierney was crowned Miss Rodeo South Dakota 2019 in Belle Fouche South Dakota in September. Throughout 2019 she will have the opportunity to travel across South Dakota and the United States representing South Dakota, professional rodeo and the western lifestyle. Born and raised in western South Dakota to Paul and Robin Tierney the influence of these started at a young age and quickly grew into deep appreciation of all three! She has participated in rodeo since she was able and is honored to represent such an amazing sport. Rodeo is an opportunity for people to get a glimpse into the western lifestyle who normally wouldn’t. She hopes to build those connections that can help first time spectators become lifelong rodeo fans!


She graduated from Chadron State College in May of 2017, earning her Degree in Business Administration with a Minor in Marketing. While in college she had to honor to rodeo for the Chadron State Eagles. She is excited to use her background to help grow appreciation for rodeo and the western lifestyle! Jordan has been blessed with so many opportunities from rodeo and doesn’t take it for granted. When not traveling, Jordan enjoys baking, riding on her parents’ ranch and competing at barrel racings. Jordan welcomes hearing from any one of you of your South Dakota heritage so she may pass them long in educating others!
Meet Alison Zacharias! 


Alison Zacharias is the 18-year-old daughter of Jeff and Brenda Zacharias.  She is a freshman at South Dakota State University where she is pursuing a degree in business with a pre-law specialization.  Since the age of six, Alison has been involved in rodeo and the western way of life.  Throughout her years, Alison has been involved in hippology, horse showing, and rodeo.  In rodeo, she competes in barrel racing, pole bending, and breakaway roping.  Alison has always had a passion to invest her knowledge of agriculture and the western way of life in the next generation.  For Alison, being Teen Miss Rodeo South Dakota will provide her the opportunity to further educate herself as well as continuing to educate others on the wonderful sport of rodeo. Alison is very excited to start her year as Teen Miss Rodeo South Dakota 2024 and cannot wait for all the wonderful memories that she will gain along the way.